Antique Cord and Wire
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18, 1/64 Type A W M , Rayon Covered
Single Wire

Special purpose, Rayon covered
U.L. listed.

K02-D0324  Gold, 250 ft. spool
K02-D0334  Gold with tracer, 250 ft. spool

K02-D0324FT    Gold, per foot
K02-D0334FT    Gold with tracer, per foot
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18/2 SPT-1
"For the Rich Antique Look"

D02-4-9320Gold, 150 ft. spool
D02-4-9321Brown, 150 ft. spool
D02-4-9322Black, 150 ft. spool
D02-4-9323Light Bronze, 150 ft. spool
D02-4-9324Cream, 150 ft. spool

D02-4-9327Light Brown, 150 ft. spool
D02-4-9328Silver White, 150 ft. spool
D02-4-9330Electric Blue, 150 ft. spool

By The Foot
D02-4-9320FT  Gold, per foot
D02-4-9321FT  Brown, per foot
D02-4-9322FT  Black, per foot
D02-4-9323FT  Light Bronze, per foot
D02-4-9324FT  Cream, per foot
D02-4-9327FT  Light Brown, per foot
D02-4-9328FT  Silver White, per foot
D02-4-9330FT  Electric Blue, per foot
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