Antique Cord and Wire
This page was last updated: August 16, 2017
18/2, 1/64 Type P.O., Rayon Covered
Cord (2 wire)

Special purpose, Rayon covered cord
with plastic insulation inside. Antique
style as used on most portable lamps in
the early part of the 20th century. Fine
quality cord but NOT U.L. listed.

B02-E6630Gold, 250 ft. spool
B02-E6631Brown, 250 ft. spool
B02-E6632White, 250 ft. spool
B02-E6634Black, 250 ft. spool

B02-E6650 - Gold, 50 ft. lengths
B02-E6651 - Brown, 50 ft. lengths
B02-E6652 White, 50 ft. spool
B02-E6654 - Black, 50 ft. spool

B02-E6630FT - Gold, per foot
B02-E6631FT - Brown, per foot
B02-E6632FT - White, per foot
B02-E6634FT - Black, per foot
20 Gauge
"For the Rich Antique Look"

D02-4-8300Gold, 250 ft. spool
D02-4-8301Brown, 250 ft. spool
D02-4-8302Black, 250 ft. spool
D02-4-8303Bronze, 250 ft. spool
D02-4-8304White, 250 ft. spool

D02-4-8300FT  Gold, per foot
D02-4-8301FT  Brown, per foot
D02-4-8302FT  Black, per foot
D02-4-8303FT  Bronze, per foot
D02-4-8304FT  White, per foot
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70° 18 Gauge
"For the Rich Antique Look"

D02-4-8320Gold, 100 ft. spool
D02-4-8321Brown, 100 ft. spool
D02-4-8322Black, 100 ft. spool
D02-4-8323Light Bronze, 100 ft. spool
D02-4-8324Cream, 100 ft. spool
D02-4-8325Burgundy, 100 ft. spool
D02-4-8326Red, 100 ft. spool
D02-4-8327Light Brown, 100 ft. spool
D02-4-8328Silver White, 100 ft. spool
D02-4-8329Hunter Green, 100 ft. spool

D02-4-8320FT  Gold, per foot
D02-4-8321FT  Brown, per foot
D02-4-8322FT  Black, per foot
D02-4-8323FT  Light Bronze, per foot
D02-4-8324FT  Cream, per foot
D02-4-8325FT  Burgundy, per foot
D02-4-8326FT  Red, per foot
D02-4-8327FT  Light Brown, per foot
D02-4-8328FT  Silver White, per foot
D02-4-8329FT  Hunter Green, per foot
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