Thread Lockers
This page was last updated: February 4, 2018
The Liquid Lock For Metal Parts
Plastic Bottle with Applicator Nozzle

D02-C42010 ml
D02-C50150 ml

•Eliminates soldering of threaded joints.
•No heat or flux to spoil finishes.
•No unsightly solder lumps to mar appearance.
•Joins brass to aluminum.
•No need for set screws in socket caps.
•Locks arms into fixture bodies, keeps clusters       from loosening.
•Keeps switch keys from backing off.
•Locks any threaded part against loosening.
•10 ml treats 600 Nuts.
• General purpose medium-strength threadlocker.
• Prevents loosening, corrosion and leakage.
• Locks and seals while preventing parts from
  loosening due to vibration.
• Medium hold for easy disassembly.

Loctite 242
Medium Hold

D02-C4906 ml

Super Glue
Medium Hold Blue

D02-C4926 ml
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