Crystal Pinning
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Pinning Wire

24 Gauge 700' Spool
B02-C0996      Brass Plated
B02-C0995      Galvanized Nickel
50' Spool
B02-C0996C      Brass Plated
B02-C0995C      Galvanized Nickel
B02-C0995CA    Antiqued
Per Foot
D02-24-190FT       Brass Plated
D02-24-191FT       Galvanized Nickel
D02-24-191FTAT  Antiqued

22 Gauge 450' Spool
D02-24-194      Brass Plated
D02-24-195      Galvanized Nickel
Per Foot
D02-24-194FT       Brass Plated
D02-24-195FT       Galvanized Nickel
D02-24-191FTAT  Antiqued

20 Gauge 306' Spool
D02-24-192      Brass Plated
D02-24-193      Galvanized Nickel
Per Foot
D02-24-192FT       Brass Plated
D02-24-193FT       Galvanized Nickel
D02-24-191FTAT  Antiqued
Pinning Wire
Twisted 2 Strands Used to Hang Balls and Other Items

24 Gauge Per Foot
D02-24-190TTFT       Brass Plated
D02-24-191TTFT       Galvanized Nickel
D02-24-191TTFTAT  Antiqued

22 Gauge Per Foot
D02-24-194TTFT       Brass Plated
D02-24-195TTFT       Galvanized Nickel
D02-24-195TTFTAT  Antiqued

20 Gauge Per Foot
D02-24-192TTFT       Brass Plated
D02-24-193TTFT       Galvanized Nickel
D02-24-193TTFTAT  Antiqued
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