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The finest quality crystal used in manufacturing crystal lighting fixtures. Strass is a trademark of the Swarovski company. Strass crystal is manufactured using a precision process of machine cutting and polishing invented by Daniel Swarovski in 1895. Strass crystal is optically pure, has a lead content exceeding 30%, and an invisible coating that actually repels dust. Light refraction is spectacular. Each piece produced from 2002 to current can be identified by the Strass signature, as a guarantee of authenticity.

Swarovski Alternative Quality Crystal

This high quality Swarovski" crystal is manufactured similarly to the Strass crystal but with two important differences. There is no lead used in the manufacturing process and Swarovski  Alternative Quality crystal has a completely different cut pattern than the Strass light refraction is excellent.

Turkish Crystal

Fine quality crystal named for the region of its manufacture. This crystal is hand cut and polished and has no lead content. Light refraction is very good.

Standard Crystal

The term "standard crystal" applies to a variety of economically produced crystal lighting components. The production methods are described below and listed at the bottom of each page under the heading "Finish:'

30% Lead Precision Cut

High quality crystal manufactured with a high lead content of over 30%. The crystal is cut with high quality precision machines. Even though the crystal has very minor imperfections, it has the appearance of the finest crystal. It is by far the best bargain for the manufacturer.


Hand Cut and Polished - Long the European standard for crystal production, this method has been used by factories in the Czech Republic and other parts of the world for centuries. Each crystal piece is individually cut and polished by skilled craftsmen.

Fire Polished - Polishing crystal with fire is fast and economical because it involves less human labor.

Machine Cut - This method is differentiated from the precision machine process used by Swarovski to manufacture Strass crystal. Machine cutting is actually completely different and is much less costly than precision processed or even hand cut.

Pressed - Pressed pieces are created with mechanical presses and provide a less expensive alternative to cut crystal.
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