Turned Brass Balls
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Diameter 3/8"

Tap #8-32
D02-2-353        Unfinished
D02-2-353AL    Antiqued and Lacq
B02-C1001BK  Satin Black
D02-2-353BL    Brushed and Lacq
D02-2-353PL    Polished and Lacq
D02-2-354        Burnished & Lacq
D02-2-859        Antique Brass
D02-2-860        Nickel Plated

Tap #6-32
D02-2-370        Unfinished
D02-2-370AL    Antiqued and Lacq
D02-2-370BK   Satin Black
D02-2-370BL    Brushed and Lacq
D02-2-370PL    Polished and Lacq
Diameter 1/2"

Tap 1/4"-20
G02-BA-1358       Unfinished
G02-BA-1358AL   Antiqued and Lacq
G02-BA-1358BL   Brushed and Lacq
G02-BA-1358PL   Polished and Lacq

Tap 1/4"-27
D02-2-861       Unfinished
D02-2-861AL   Antiqued and Lacq
D02-2-861BL   Brushed and Lacq
D02-2-861PL   Polished and Lacq

Tap #8-32
C02-2-0355-00    Unfinished
C02-2-0355-01    Burnished & Lacq
C02-2-0355-30    Antiqued and Lacq
C02-2-0355-BL   Brushed and Lacq
C02-2-0355-PL   Polished and Lacq
C02-2-0355-20    Nickel Plated
C02-2-0355-23    Satin Nickel Plated

Tap #6-32
G02-BA-1355       Unfinished
G02-BA-1355AL   Antiqued and Lacq
G02-BA-1355BL   Brushed and Lacq
G02-BA-1355PL   Polished and Lacq

Tap #4-36
G02-BA-1354       Unfinished
G02-BA-1354AL   Antiqued and Lacq
G02-BA-1354BL   Brushed and Lacq
G02-BA-1354PL   Polished and Lacq
Diameter 1/2"
Height 3/8"

Tap 1/8 IPS
D02-2-356       Unfinished
D02-2-356AL   Antiqued & Lacq
D02-2-356BL   Brushed & Lacq
D02-2-356PL   Polished & Lacq
D02-2-862Burnished & Lacq
Diameter 9/16"

Tap 1/8 IPS
D02-2-357       Unfinished
D02-2-357AL   Antiqued & Lacq
D02-2-357BL   Brushed & Lacq
D02-2-357PL   Polished & Lacq

Tap 1/4"-27
G02-BA-957       Unfinished
G02-BA-957AL   Antiqued & Lacq
G02-BA-957BL   Brushed & Lacq
G02-BA-957PL   Polished & Lacq

Tap #8-32
G02-BA-975       Unfinished
G02-BA-975AL   Antiqued & Lacq
G02-BA-975BL   Brushed & Lacq
G02-BA-975PL   Polished & Lacq
Diameter 5/8"

Tap 1/8 IPS
D02-2-359       Unfinished
D02-2-359AL   Antiqued & Lacq
D02-2-359BL   Brushed & Lacq
D02-2-359PL   Polished & Lacq
D02-2-1636     Burnished & Lacq
D02-2-1637     Nickel Plated

Tap 1/4"-27
D02-2-360       Unfinished
D02-2-360AL   Antiqued & Lacq
D02-2-360BL   Brushed & Lacq
D02-2-360PL   Polished & Lacq

Tap 1/4-20
B02-C1004AL   Antiqued & Lacq
B02-C1004BL   Brushed & Lacq
B02-C1004PL   Polished & Lacq
B02-C1004U     Unfinished

Tap #10-24
G02-BA-974       Unfinished
G02-BA-974AL   Antiqued & Lacq
G02-BA-974BL   Brushed & Lacq
G02-BA-974PL   Polished & Lacq

Tap #8-32
G02-BA-971       Unfinished
G02-BA-971AL   Antiqued & Lacq
G02-BA-971BL   Brushed & Lacq
G02-BA-971PL   Polished & Lacq

Tap #6-32
G02-BA-970       Unfinished
G02-BA-970AL   Antiqued & Lacq
G02-BA-970BL   Brushed & Lacq
G02-BA-970PL   Polished & Lacq

Tap #4-36
G02-BA-969       Unfinished
G02-BA-969AL   Antiqued & Lacq
G02-BA-969BL   Brushed & Lacq
G02-BA-969PL   Polished & Lacq
Solid Brass Balls
Other sizes, tap combinations, and finishes may be available or produced e-mail [email protected] your specifications and we will obtain a quote for you!!!
Diameter 3/4"

Tap 1/8 IPS
D02-2-361       Unfinished
D02-2-361AL   Antiqued & Lacq
D02-2-361BL   Brushed & Lacq
D02-2-361PL   Polished & Lacq
D02-2-865       Burnished & Lacq
D02-2-1340     Nickel Plated

Slip Through 1/8 IPS
D02-2-362       Unfinished
D02-2-362AL   Antiqued & Lacq
D02-2-362BL   Brushed & Lacq
D02-2-362PL   Polished & Lacq

Tap 1/4 IP
G02-BA-983       Unfinished
G02-BA-983AL   Antiqued & Lacq
G02-BA-983BL   Brushed & Lacq
G02-BA-983PL   Polished & Lacq

Tap 1/4"-27
D02-2-364       Unfinished
D02-2-364AL   Antiqued & Lacq
D02-2-364BL   Brushed & Lacq
D02-2-364PL   Polished & Lacq
D02-2-865       Burnished & Lacq

Tap 1/4"-20
G02-BA-982       Unfinished
G02-BA-982AL   Antiqued & Lacq
G02-BA-982BL   Brushed & Lacq
G02-BA-982PL   Polished & Lacq

Tap #8-32
G02-BA-978       Unfinished
G02-BA-978AL   Antiqued  & Lacq
G02-BA-978BL   Brushed & Lacq
G02-BA-978PL   Polished & Lacq
Diameter 7/8"

Tap 1/8 IPS
D02-2-365       Unfinished
D02-2-365AL   Antiqued & Lacq
D02-2-65BL   Brushed & Lacq
D02-2-365PL   Polished & Lacq

Tap 1/4 IP
G02-BA-723       Unfinished
G02-BA-723AL   Antiqued & Lacq
G02-BA-723BL   Brushed & Lacq
G02-BA-723PL   Polished & Lacq

Tap 1/4"-27
D02-2-869       Unfinished
D02-2-869AL   Antiqued & Lacq
D02-2-869BL   Brushed & Lacq
D02-2-869PL   Polished & Lacq

Tap #8-32
G02-BA-717       Unfinished
G02-BA-717AL   Antiqued & Lacq
G02-BA-717BL   Brushed & Lacq
G02-BA-717PL   Polished & Lacq
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