Phenolic Sockets and Rings
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3-Piece Keyless Fully Threaded
Phenolic Medium Base Socket
For Swag Applications only
Slips 1 5/8" Shade Hole
Without Threaded Ring
Cap Metal Insert 1/8IP W/Tube Stop

W05-7300/E26/R(N) Black
W05-7300/E26/R(B) White
W05-7300/E26/R(O) Gold

(Ring sold Separately Bottom of Page H012)
Pendant Set:


E26 Pendant Set 4 Ft consists of the following items assembled:
1)   W05-7300/E26/R
2)   D02-4-901/903  = 4Ft Round SVT-2 Cable
      (Other length are Available)
3)   D02-D2595 = Cord Grip
4)   W05-73 = Shade Ring OD = 58 mm

Cross Bar and Canopy extra See canopy kit below. 

Note: Maximum recommended shade weight is 5 lbs.
Canopy Kit:

W05-190/B KIT (White)
W05-190/N KIT (Black)

Canopy kit for Pendant Set W05-7300/P/4

1)  W05-190 -     Painted Steel Canopy 5” Wide x 11/16” High
2)  D02-1-17-     Steel Nipple 1¼” x 1/8 IPS
3)  W05-5227 -   Cord Grip
4)  G03-5905 -    Cap (screws to nipple)
5)  S05-9A1125-  Cross Bar 4” x 1/8 with green ground screw
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